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Eye Surgery


Brighten Up Your Eyes
Professionally Performed by Plastic Surgeon who has More Than 10 Years of Experience in Blepharoplasty Field

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Most common problems are asymmetrical eyes that are caused solely by genes. They come in various version as uneven eyelids, multiple eyelids, and ptosis or weakened levator muscles. These eye conditions occured when we age, especially the drooping upper eyelids condition and puffy lower eyelids which have commonly appeared in 30s-50s. Blepharoplasty is counted as the ultimate solution for better apperance, and is cosmetically created bigger and wider as you desire. All in all, every decision depends on the doctor’s discretion. Apart from a unique surgical technique, we integrate the Art of Imagination to bring out the most perfect eyes just right for you.


Why Dr.C Plastic Surgery?

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With full experience in Plastic Surgery Field for over a decade, We are ready to be taking care of you!

Eye Surgery

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